SERVICES -- what we do, and how we do it

Stronger Than Dirt provides everything you need for the health and beauty of your garden.  We do consultations for design, planting, maintaining.  We do the work too -- regular maintenance, seasonal cleanups, garden revamps.  And we do containers!

We are gardeners.
We love to prune, weed, plant, transplant, compost, mulch, get dirty, and talk to bugs.
We are knowledgeable about plants: natives and non-natives, wild and tame, well-adapted or on the edge of their comfort zone; and we love to learn about and experiment with plants we don't yet know.
We are skilled at shaping plants to satisfy both their health and your aesthetic. So if you like to keep things loose and natural, we can do that.  If you prefer carefully pruned shrubs and the occasional poodle topiary, we can do that too.  And of course, everything in between!


We tend all kinds of gardens.
Some are lush, with colorful annuals and tropical palms.  
Others are tapestries of successive blooms --perennials and roses, with plants for birds, butterflies, and other pollinators.
Still others are hardy xeric gardens that thrive on almost no soil, lots of sun, and even more color.
Some are beautiful and useful, combining herbs, fruits, and vegetables with architectural shrubs and vibrant flowers.
Cutting gardens, food gardens, prickly gardens, shady gardens. . . we love them all!

Our Gardening Crew.
We are strong, smart, and passionate about gardening.
Each one of us is educated not only in general garden technique and plant knowledge, but -- most importantly -- about how you want your garden.
We love knowing that one client adores dayflower, horseherb, and parsley, while another prefers petunias, caladiums, and impatiens.
You can always talk to any of our gardeners with requests and feedback, and we'll always give you our best.