About Stronger Than Dirt

I'm Julie Clark, and I started Stronger Than Dirt in 1998. From the beginning, what I really loved was being in the gardens.  I love developing a relationship with clients and their gardens.  Seeing the changes over time, from season to season, and year to year.  I learned most of what I know from getting dirty, making mistakes, and asking lots of questions.  When I was still teaching middle school English (so many years ago!), my husband and I spent our weekends hiking the greenbelt, and I would carry my plant ID books, constantly stuffing the pages full of leaves and flowers to identify later, at home.  When I was pregnant with our now grown son, I worked in a retail nursery, learning so much in a short time!  When I started Stronger Than Dirt, with much support from many garden designers and horticulturists here in Austin (thanks FLORA!), I hired all of my friends to work with me.  Those of us who had infants brought our babies to work, putting them on blankets nearby, until they were mobile and could get in trouble!  So began the homegrown model, and it's been an amazing journey with wonderful gardens, clients, and coworkers.